Innertainment | Why Innertainment Now?
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Why Innertainment Now?



Everything Has Changed!

There are several important changes and trends in our contemporary culture that make INNERTAINMENT a critical paradigm for positive change.

First, if we look carefully at today’s changing trends and the accompanying expectations of today’s consumers, we find a constant behavior altering shift in both the “tools” that our society incoporates into it’s lifestyles, and the often unconscious behavioral “rules” that these tools create, integrate and transmit throughout the culture.

Stories are the most influential “vehicles” for altering attitudes and creating change on both a conscious and an unconscious level and the “tools” in today’s mediums are becoming more and more powerful for telling stories.

Ask yourself the following question.

How, when and why did the smart phone (New Tool) takeover?

 New Tool: Smart phone use in the U.S. currently, is 56 percent of adults, according to a study published by Pew.  This is the first time since Pew began tracking the numbers that the majority of the population owns a smartphone.

 What then, are the new “rules” related to this tool, that permeate our culture and change our social behavior and communication?

 New Rule:  “Always On – 24/7″   The electronic impact of cell phones, computers, texting and email has blurred the lines between when we work and when we don’t. The above study showed that the respondents who were in contact with work once a week or more outside of normal working hours, more often reported being highly overworked (44 percent) than those who had little or no such contact (26 percent).

Another dramatic social change involves a shift into the entertainment and experience economies for today’s consumers.  When the tools for entertainment experiences increased (digital, internet, wireless),  giving individuals unlimited access to amusement, distraction, pleasure and information, the new rules became  “if you don’t personalize my entertainment experiences the way I want, I’ll find someone else who will,” creating higher levels of competition and innovation.

Now combine these changes with the increasing speed of life, accompanied by  increased levels of stress and mental illness.    This series of non-reversible events has created a profound need for a new and unique alternative paradigm for changing lives today. It must be one that does not deny, negate or eliminate what already is and will be, but instead, incorporates these current trends and directions into powerful strategies for personal growth and development.  It must be one that can help an individual to integrate the stories coming from the outside with the stories that a person tells himself on the inside.

                               Everyone Lives A Story- Make Yours A Great One!