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Time Design

Time Design


                                                 Time Design Worksheet

To gain a sense of your TIME MODES,  answer the following questions:

1.  Of the five Time Modes  which one do you spend the majority of your time in?   How?

2.  Can you identify the Time Modes that friends, relationships and family members use?

3.  Do you have friends or relationships that consider work or school a Toxic-Time mode?

4.  How do the % of five Time Modes operate with your current work or career environment?

5   Are you currently effective in altering your Time Modes when you want to?

6.  As a parent or a parent to be, how do you train children, friends or other family members to alter their Time Modes to gain the critical self management skills needed today? The importance of I Time is often misunderstood and neglected because people are constantly being “trained” to be more distracted and amused by outside circles of influence. The increasing emphasis on “outer” circles of influence can have an effect on unconsciously wanting more C Time in a person’s life. With amusement and distraction being manufactured by industries to increase their profit, it’s common then, to feel uncomfortable, “bored” and unsuccessful when trying to quiet the stream of internal “noise” and “chatter” from your endless thought stream. Do you use I Time in your life or have any type of daily practice that helps you train your brain for awareness, resilience, critical thinking, creativity, stress release and self management skills that will help stabilize you during erratic life changes and crises to prepare you for the future?  If YES, what specifically do you do?  If NO, why not (and please dont’ answer because I don’t have time) ?

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