Innertainment | The INNER THEATER Course
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Courses are currently being conducted at Art Share L.A.

SELF Improvement today, can take place at very high levels without the need and expense of outside interventions such as therapy and counseling.  The secret lies in gaining the “tools” as well as the framework to use these tools in a way that is invigorating, powerful, compelling and self sustaining over time.  INNERTAINMENT has developed the INNER THEATER, a course to offer participants a unique and inspiring approach to change.


Your INNER THEATER consists of your backstage (past) front stage (present) and audience (future).  In our lifetime, we have constructed and continue to construct life stories within each of these distinct time perspectives. We view the world through our own “filter”, so often our stories have nothing to do with the real world. Stories are constructed over time to help us cope with the world as best we can under a variety of changing circumstances. The inevitable result is that we wind up with some stories that “work” for us and other stories that don’t “work” for us. The good news is that stories that don’t “work”, diminishing our full potential, can be reconstructed into stories that do “work” for our future well being. The trick lies in the fact that before we can re-construct our story, we must be aware of what it is.


The INNER THEATER workshop uses the medium of entertainment (videos, film, music, dance, sports, etc.) to help us understand our personal life stories, how we created them, the purpose they serve, and how to change them if they no longer serve us. The 6 week course sequence will take us through an Innertaining adventure of self improvement that begins with our back stories of family, health, work, and friends and ends in our future stories of meaning, happiness, fulfillment and wisdom.