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SELF Creation

SELF Creation         

SELF Creation: Personal Change and Business/Financial Change

   “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

                                                                             Mark Twain

We often separate our life into different categories, such as our personal life, career/work life, and our financial/business life. In this process, many of us “tolerate” the parts of our life that we DON’T enjoy in order to get the benefits from the other parts of our life that we DO enjoy. We learn how to make tradeoffs, and we also learn to get “comfortable” over time about the tradeoffs that we’ve been making, even if they limit our full potential. It’s easy to do, because most often we have no idea about what our real potential is and how to consciously unfold it.  But as we move into more mature phases of our life, we sometimes continue to  feel a deeper “pull” or yearning to discover something that we know about ourselves that has yet to be uncovered. We also feel that if we could do this, it would give us a much greater sense of  enjoyment, fulfillment and happiness. From the research in human development, we know that the most ideal way to live our lives, is to combine or integrate as many of the separated parts of our life as we can, as opposed to “splitting” them up into smaller and disconnected pieces. People that thrive, not just survive, seem to have found the “master switch” or key to a more vital existence, and they learn how to turn that switch on, giving them the highest potential for a life that is happier and more fulfilling. They have tapped into their SOURCE.

At the core of Innertainment  is the concept of SELF Creation.  It’s centered around the task of integrating three main parts of our life”, our personal, career and business/finance dimensions.  SELF, in the phrase SELF Creation, is ALWAYS capitalized for a very specific reason.  This use of the word SELF represents our ideal FULL integrated potential. It’s a very different use and emphasis of the word, designed to intentionally separate it from how we typically think about the concept of self when we talk about our self esteem or self concept.  The Innertainment perspective includes a larger, transpersonal SOURCE that we have access to, but are often disconnected from.  SELF Creation represents the process for change and transformation that moves us closer to discovering our SOURCE and with it, our full potential.  It’s our intention to constantly remind the reader to pay special attention to our FULL potential, the grand possibility of a much bigger and profound life.

Today, SELF Creation is no easy task.  The way we structure our time now has changed dramatically.  Our accelerating speed of life combined with economic and environmental changes constantly creates new time challenges that we must learn to overcome.  Think for example about how much time you have in a day, to consciously design YOUR future?  If you did have the time how would you begin?  Would you be able to set up a daily practice that you could consistently and actively commit to?  And if so, what would your specific approach be to expanding your awareness on a daily basis in order to SELF Create at the highest possible levels?

From a background in counseling, teaching, business and product/program consulting, Innertainment approaches the SELF Creation process in two distinct steps.  The first step is to understand the PERSONAL level of SELF Creation, the background and career foundations, for who we are and why we do the things we do.  The second level is the BUSINESS / FINANCIAL level addressing the ways that we can  “translate” our personal self understanding into the creation of an income generating future that both includes and nourishes an individual and a group of individual’s unique talents, skills, and individual differences.

From an Innertainment perspective, the stories we tell ourselves will either make us or break us. Whether it’s our business story, relationship story, talent story, and/or our success story, we must design our lives with the stories that “work”, to discover the possibilities that lie at the core of who we are and who we can be- our SELF Creation Story.

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SELF Creation