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The INNERTAINMENT Playbook is a set of tools, tips, and techniques, that are used to expand an individual’s range and depth of Choice-Fullness.  The Playbook is based on the INNERTAINMENT THEATER framework, with activities beginning in the STORY SPOTLIGHT (II.) of the FRONT STAGE (II.) 


The STORY SPOTLIGHT (II.) activities are designed to help an individual understand their current situation, and how they are constructing their STORY for the future. This includes their goals, objectives, time management, communication strategies, successful pathways to fulfillment happiness and success, hijackers, learned limitations, and positive and negative circles of influence.



As the STORY SPOTLIGHT (II.) (Present Time) begins to unfold, an individual develops a more keen awareness of the BLIND SPOTS and TRADEOFFS they are making, and how many of these factors are rooted in their BACK STAGE (I.) (Past Time) experiences.  As these HIJACKERS become more and more obvious, the pathway is open to higher levels of Choice-Fullness and to building the next step toward a successful and fulfilled future.



An individual’s FUTURE STAGE (III.) (Future Time) consists of the people, organizations and places that represent a person’s FUTURE.  For example family, friends, school, relatives, education, employers, etc.  This is the world that will be ”watching” the SPOTLIGHT STORY of an individual unfold and the people who will be communicating in that future to support and nurture an individual’s Choice-Full development.