Innertainment | Lesson Plan: Power Styles Pt. 2 – Historical Figures
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Lesson Plan: Power Styles Pt. 2 – Historical Figures

Lesson Plan: Power Styles Pt. 2 – Historical Figures

(For characters in literature, historical figures, scientist/inventors, humanitarians, artists, etc.)

Every human being must use a form or forms of power in their life in order to accomplish anything. We think of power as held by individuals who run Wall Street, climb Mt. Everest, or command armies, but the loving parent, the successful teacher, the talented artist, or the humanitarian leader conjure different, yet just as potent styles of power. We can easily learn to analyze the Power Styles of famous people, fictional characters in movies or literature, political and social leaders, humanitarians, sports figures, or even scientists.


Power Grid For Lesson Plan (blank)  copy


Historical Figures:
–The Three Roosevelts: Their influence on Congress, on the populace, internationally.
–Any Presidents (same as above)

Scientists: Steven Hawking,

Humanitarians: Ghandi; Malala Yousafzai

Artists: Alvin Ailey,

Sports Figures: Lebron James, Lance Armstrong, 

Characters from Literature (comparisons): Huck and Jim; mothers and daughters in The Joy Luck Club,



1)In the chart above, place an X above each person’s use of the Power Styles listed above their name. If you cannot find evidence of their use of a particular power, then leave that spot blank.


2) Once you have charted that person’s Power Styles, go back and analyze whether you think they have used that style in a positive (P) or negative (N) way. Place a P or an N next to each X above their name. Take time to reflect upon each Power Style and how they use it. You may have some P’s and some N’s above the same person’s name.


3) In the space below, brainstorm some of the ways each person in your chart used particular Power Styles to impact society or the people around them. Be specific about how you think they did this and the results of their impact. List at least three results.