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Innertainment For Educators

Today education is in a state of crisis One of the factors creating this problem is the student’s declining ability to control their highly compelling distractions and to voluntarily engage and disengage in higher thinking skills and executive function.  While media, entertainment and technology is often blamed for these increasing deficits, there are other possibilities that go unnoticed. Because one would be extremely naive to think that society is going to reverse the compelling and often invasive effects of technology and media, the alternative is for it to be used in more efficient and beneficial ways to ELEVATE the important skills needed for educational success.  The Center For Innertainment provides products and programs that use the medium of entertainment in unique and compelling ways to help students learn more effectively.  These programs are designed to engage students in ways that are consistent with emerging technological and media trends, while providing key skills that heighten brain based higher learning functions.

Programs for Educators

Professional Development<br />
for Faculty<br />
(On Your Campus)

Professional Development
for Faculty
(On Your Campus)

We are dedicated to developing techniques that engage students in today’s changing learning environments.  For Professional Development, we come to your campus with a short workshop series designed to give teachers hands-on access to exciting new tools.  Call us for more information.
Teacher Stress Management<br />
(On Your Campus)

Teacher Stress Management
(On Your Campus)

Teacher self-care is an important yet often overlooked piece of the classroom success puzzle.  This program is designed to equip teachers with the tools to effectively manage the pressures of classroom, administrative, and relationship management – enabling them to thrive.
Program / Curriculum Development

Program / Curriculum Development

If you are looking for ways to create imaginative lesson plans and programs that both excite students and align with core curriculum standards, we can help.