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Innertainment For Companies

Developing products and programs that ELEVATE individuals and society demands the inclusion of science.  Its not simply enough to “throw around” the buzzwords of transformation and development while continuing to rely only on intuition or archaic formulas to create products and programs.  Today we have the information we need from a variety of reliable and proven scientific resources.  Now, its the integration and application of this information that’s the challenge.  The Center for Innertainment, after 25 years, is committed to continue integrating the science of human behavior into the fields of media and entertainment to produce products and programs that move people toward their highest positive potential.


Are you ready to see how much you really understand about your product or program?


Innertainment’s Effect-Check process is designed to understand and integrate all key dimensions of a product and program to maximize it’s potential for success.


Click through the steps below, answer each question, and as you move down through the Effect-Check dimensions see how comfortable you are understanding your product or program at a deeper level.

The Innertainment Effect-Check

Step 1: Attention

Did you get your audience’s attention?  How?

Step 2: Comprehension

Does your audience understand your visual & verbal content?  Why?

Step 3: Involvement

Have you connected with your audience’s need and wants?  How?  What needs / wants?

Step 4: Retention

Will your audience remember what you are communicating?  Why?

Step 5: Yield

Will your target “connect” with and be persuaded by your message?  Why?

Step 6: Action

Will your audience take an action to find out more or purchase your product?  Why?

Step 7: Communicate

Will your target tell others about your product or program?  Why?

Step 8: Elevation

Do you understand the specific qualities that are elevated in your audience, product, and communication?  What?

If your product or marketing doesn’t answer these eight questions, it may be missing some components that are essential for it to reach it’s full potential.  If you or your team needs help developing your products and programs, please consider one of the items below.

Product / Program Consulting

Product / Program Consulting

We integrate with your team and work together with you to move your project forward.


2-Day Team Workshop

2-Day Team Workshop

This 2-day immersive workshop will equip your team with the tools to make more meaningful products and messaging.


5-Day Company Masterclass

5-Day Company Masterclass

This week-long deep-dive is designed to transform your team and elevate them to create solutions of their own.